Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

Visiting the Sahara Desert

Very few places on Earth can compare to the vastness of the Sahara desert with its unique sand dunes this vastness can only be appreciated first hand covering the space of the United states or China visiting the Sahara is simply a once in a lifetime experience. Most people are quite charmed to spend a night under the stars in the coolness of the dessert night a stark contrast to the heat of the day.

We at Moroccan Odyssey have prepared a few helpful tips for those of you who might be venturing into the dessert for the first time here are a few of our tips:

What to take

These are a few essentials you must pack and take with you if you are venturing into the dessert

A light jacket for the cooler nights

Comfortable trousers or jeans to protect your legs from the rough Camels fur if you are thinking on a Camel ride.

A good pair of shoes trainers, hiking boots the desert terrain can be rough and your feet need adequate protection.

A hat or headscarf it will get dusty or you could get caught in a sandstorm as well as for protection from the hot dessert sun.

Sunglasses to protect from the glare

High factor sunscreen and a SPF chap stick to protect from the sun

If you take a camera to capture the dessert memories consider a lens and camera brush and check if the guarantee or your personal item insurance covers for dust and sand

 You will also need a torch to navigate around your campsite at night


Best time to visit the desert

We think the best time to travel into the Sahara dessert is May and October as the day time temperatures are a little milder whilst in the winter the dessert nigh time temperatures can drop below freezing along with a higher frequency of Sandstorms whilst in the summer months the temperature is unbearable.


Traveling into the dessert with Children

A desert experience will also be a memorable experience for the younger travellers however you need to be mindful of the following:


The drive will be for very long periods of time if they are not used to spending very long lengths of time travelling in a car it might be wise to book a private tour which will allow for you to stop and make the journey at your families pace.

Some children might find a long road journey followed by a one to two hour Camel ride into the middle of nowhere with no WIFI or electricity might be a bit boring for our technological advanced younger generations they will have to go back to basics and take some technology-free entertainment to keep them happy.

At the campsite you will likely be served a traditional Moroccan dinner comprised of tagine chicken and vegetables if your young travellers are not up for trying new cuisine or especially vegetables brining some snacks or something that they might prefer.


Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga sand dunes

Both of these popular sand dunes offer a different experience and it is often hard to decide which one to travel to Contact one of our Moroccan Odyssey travel designers who will be able to tell you about the options Erg Chebbi offers a more accessible experience with Hotels only half an hour away while Erg Chigaga offers a more off the beaten path and much further away from civilisation so feeling more of what you would expect of a realistic desert tour. 


Distance to the dessert:

The Distance from Marrakesh to the dessert town of Merzouga (Erg Chebbi dunes) is about 600Km or to Zagora (Er Chigaga dunes) is about 360Km whereas from Fez is 470Km from Merzouga and 670Km from Zagora however the journey is on unmade winding roads as well as mountain passes taking at least a full days driving depending on weather conditions.

Our Travel designers are awaiting to tailor-make your trip into the dessert or can be contacted to discuss any questions you may have about the desert or for any upcoming travel experience with Moroccan Odyssey.

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