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Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Health & Safety Measures On Our Private Tours

Updated: 15/SEP/2020

The health and safety of our travelers is always our #1 priority and we understand travelers are concerned about traveling abroad with the unprecedented crisis we are currently facing. For that reason, we wanted to share with you the specific measures we are taking on our private tours.

We stay in touch with our guests 24/7 by email or whatsapp online. Also we are working so closer with our suppliers to improve our passangers’ health and safety measures and updating every information on our pages.

New Health & Safety Guidelines

Safety Measures Prior to Arrival

  • The Government of Morocco (GOM) has established pre-arrival COVID-19 testing requirements for all travelers entering Morocco. Travelers entering Morocco must complete a PCR test (of less than 48 hours) and a serological test (can be outside 48 hours), with printed results to present on request at check-in and to GOM officials on arrival.  Note: Children under 12 years old are not required to complete these tests.
  • A COVID-19 test is not required to depart
  • Foreign nationals with a confirmed hotel reservation.
  • Many airlines and airports have specific safety procedures they are following, so travelers are encouraged to check with their airline prior to their adventure and arrive at the airport early as these updated protocols will add more time to check in and security check points.

Traveler Screening Upon Arrival at First Destination

  • All travelers will have their temperature checked at the airport by using a non-contact infrared temperature scanner before transferring to the first accommodation or lodging on their adventure.

Face Coverings & Hand Sanitizer

  • N95 face masks (or the equivalent in the country), gloves, and hand sanitizer will be provided to all travelers throughout the adventure, however travelers can bring their own preferred face covering and hand sanitizer from home.

Private Tour Size

  • Our itineraries have always been crafted for private touring around Morocco as solo, couple, family friend’s group, small size group. This private tour also enables us to better focus on the health and safety of our travelers during the adventure.
  • Our driver and local guides are able to provide travelers with more personal “one-on-one” time and individual care and attention.
  • We’re able to visit and stay in off-the-beaten path destinations, to avoid crowds of people. Choose boutique style riad hotel which they have 6-8 rooms generally.
  • Our size also enables us to follow recommended social distancing guidelines, from traveling in vehicles at %75-capacity to exploring during included features and activities.

Included Features & Activities

  • All included features and activities to popular locations or sites will be rearranged to avoid large crowds—this may mean that we will arrive early or visit the location later in the day.
  • Included guided tours are carefully selected and designed on itinerary. We choose local guide who has Covid-19 negative test before the tour start and wear a mask on service. Optional activies is not compulsory to have however we consider the health and safety measures for this activities.

Local Transportation 

  • All local transportation will operate at approximately %75 the vehicle’s capacity.
  • All cars or vans will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with disinfectant before each use.
  • The driver will have his or her temperature checked daily and wear a mask entire trip. Also provide Covid-19 negative test before the tour start.

Accommodations & Lodging

  • Moroccan Odyssey have carefully selected your accommodations by city or town on our adventures because of their high standards for quality.
  • In some instances, we have changed accommodations or lodgings to better ensure the health and safety of our travelers. We will continue to make updates to our accommodations and lodgings as needed to ensure the highest quality of service and safety for our travelers.
  • Moroccan Odyssey will contact each accommodation or lodging prior to our group’s arrival to ensure enhanced safety and health protocols for cleaning and sanitization of rooms, public areas, and elevators have been properly followed.
  • Your driver or guide will contact you shortly after check in to ensure you are comfortable with the cleanliness and sanitization of your room.
  • The staff at all of our accommodations and lodgings will have 24/7 access to a doctor or medical staff, should medical assistance be needed.

Local Restaurants

  • Whenever possible, meals in restaurants will be individually plated and served.
  • Buffet breakfasts will still be available and the dining staff will follow best health and hygiene practices to ensure food safety and prevent the spread of illness.
  • All adventures will feature smaller restaurants to support social distancing and whenever possible, our private group will be the only diners present during the meal.
  • To promote social distancing when dining in local restaurants, our group may be separated into smaller groups and each dine in a different restaurant. Also we will prefer to choose roof restaurant or garden restaurant as outdoor space to avoid crowds for health and safety.
  • Items usually shared, like bread and butter or salt and pepper, will be served to each person individually upon request.

Screening Process & Safety Measures for Driver & Local Guides

  • Health screenings of drivers and guides, including a COVID-19 test, will be completed before joining the adventure
  • All drivers and guides will be trained on health and safety protocols to follow during the adventure.
  • All drivers and guides will check his or her temperature daily.
  • Your drivers and guides will be available to you 24/7, with the support of Moroccan Odyssey’s office.
  • Your driver and guide will be prepared to make adjustments to the itinerary as needed during the adventure.