Volubilis & Moulay Idriss in Morocco

Volubilis & Moulay Idriss in Morocco


Take a step into the deep well of Northern African history with a visit to the archaeological sites of Volubilis and Moulay Idriss Zerhoun 45 minutes away from the train station in Meknes in north central Morocco brings you to the unique historical site.

Volubilis now a ruined city was once the start of Morocco and Islam in this region, the fertile valley around this ancient city has been inhabited for more than 5,000 including the far-reaching arm of the Roman Empire who’s reach can be still be seen after it crafted most of the buildings and foundations found at what today is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here was a grand city with triumphant arches and complex mosaics which lasted for more than 200 years until it fell to local tribes towards the end of the 3rd century AD.

After 500 years the Arab leader Moulay Idriss I started his unification of Morocco and started to build its capital in Volubilis however his reign was cut short after only three years following his assassination. His son Idriss II decided to move the capital to the the new town of Fes which led to Volubilis to continue to fall into disrepair.  During the 14th century Moulay Idriss I’s remains were moved to a new mausoleum in the nearby city of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun which is now considered by Muslims to be one of the most holy sites in Morocco. you can visit morocco tours

Words cant fully express this site’s rich history fully it is a place that once stood proudly and to understand the experience and importance of this site you need to visit it imagine and take in all its past glory.

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